Designed for simplicity and reliability

Need reasons to use this plugin? Check the features below.

Ability to compress backups

Backup includes the option to enable compression of each backup into zip files. You can also customize the naming and layout of these files.

Compatible with WorldEdit

With default settings, the backup folder structure, and zip file structure is compatible with WorldEdit snapshots.

Advanced Scheduling

Scheduling offers options to use fixed-time scheduling (EG: Every 15 minutes), or abstract times (EG: 12PM, 2AM, 3AM, 5AM).

Old Backup Deletion & Retention

Options to delete old backups after the backup folder has reached a certain size, or delete old backups when there are a certain amount.

Backup Worlds & Plugins

This backup plugin includes complete functionality to backup both your world data, along with your plugins and their data/confgiuration.

Fully Translatable

This plugin includes a string.yml file, which you can modify to translate it into your native language.

1. Choose either Master or Development Version

You have the option to choose either the stable Master version, or the sometimes-unstable Development version.

Please follow the guide relating to the version you prefer.

2. Master (Stable) Version

If you are using the latest stable build of Bukkit, you should choose this. This is almost always the best option.

Download Latest Stable Build
Production on Jenkins CI

2. Development (Sometimes-Unstable) Version

If you are using the latest bleeding-edge build of Bukkit, you should choose this. This is only suggested if you know what you are doing and you expect to see bugs!

Download latest Development Build
Development on Jenkins CI

3. Install Plugin

Move Backup.jar into your "Plugins" folder under your bukkit folder. You should make sure your server is stopped before doing this.

Start your server, you may notice some errors when it is starting for the first time, this is normal.

You may also want to customize the following configuration files, which are generated when you first start bukkit with the plugin loaded:

- Contains everything related to configuring the plugin.

- Contains strings the plugin uses.

Plugin Settings

Plugin accepts settings from the config.yml file, in the form of key/value pairs, and can be easily modified using a text editor, These are the settigns you are able to configure:

Property Group Default Description
backupinterval General 15M When and how often the backup should be run.
maxbackups General 25 How many backups should be retained before deleting old backups.
onlyifonline General true Should backups only be performed with users online.
fullbackup General false Should we backup the entire server folder. Warning: Here be dragons
backuppath File & Location backups This defines the directory we should store the backups in.
usetempfolder File & Location false This setting is for storing tempoary files while a backup is in progress.
tempfoldername File & Location (blank) If the folder name is not set, it defaults to a temp folder under the backups folder.
zipbackup File & Location true Whether to ZIP Backups or not.
splitbackup File & Location false Should all the worlds be split into their own folders.
dateformat File & Location '%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td-%1$tH-%1$tM-%1$tS' Customize the date format for each backup.
backupworlds Content Settings true Should we backup worlds?
backupplugins Content Settings true Should we backup plugins?
skipworlds Content Settings (blank) Worlds for the backup to skip.
pluginlistmode Content Settings true This can be true or false, false makes only the below plugin paths get included.
pluginlist Content Settings (blank) List of files to exclude/include from the plugin backup.
debugmode Advanced Settings false Should we enable debugging in the console?
checkversion Advanced Settings true Enable online version checking?

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